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As elderly medical centers look to cut costs, nursing home, rehabilitation center and hospital negligence is on the rise.Learn More

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As elderly medical centers look to cut costs, nursing home, rehabilitation center and hospital negligence is on the rise.Learn More

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Medicaid Eligibility in NY: Do I Qualify?

It Seems like the million dollar question in New York City these days is “Do I meet the qualifications to receive Medicaid?”. Financial times are tough and everyone wants free or subsidized health insurance. There is officially a new trend to try to attain government subsidized insurance. Roman Aminov has written extensively on this topic. Inheritance and estate law literally go hand in hand with medicaid compliance. For example, many people think that if they make their children living trusts for their assets and property they will automatically be eligible for medicaid. This may or may not be true and is contingent on many different aspects of the law and the estate. We invite you to join the tens of thousands of people who have chosen to learn about medicaid eligibility from the publications of Roman Aminov. View Roman’s article on medicaid eligibility and qualifications in NY now. Don’t forget that you can reach out to Roman now and schedule your very own sit-down medicaid planning consultation at his Queens or Manhattan office.

How To Contest A Will in NYC?

As crazy is it sounds there are situations in which someone is not included in a will and wants to fight it. Reasons may include fraud, the mental capacity of the one who passed away and many more. Obviously, in order to fight or contest a will in NYC the person must have a legal status of a disinherited child, spouse or sibling. it would not be realistic if anyone could contest anyone’s will. If you or anyone else you know has an issue with a will the best thing to do is run to the phone and call a local estate attorney right away.

Preliminary Letters Testamentary For A Slow Probate Process:

Getting dragged into a slow moving probate process is quite common in the New York court systems. The problem is that after someone passes a way there is a lot of bureaucratic work that needs to be done regarding the estate in question. Who will be responsible for the taxes, maintenance and other general issues that may arise? Preliminary Letters Testamentary used by attorneys can fix the many headaches that may arise for a family undergoing a lengthy probate process. This legal process involves a lot of intricacies and must be implemented and monitored by a really professional and experienced attorney who knows what they are doing.

Estate Accounting: The Road To Asset Distribution in NYC:

Losing a loved one is a very sad moment but after it all sinks in it becomes time to distribute the assets to the rightful beneficiaries. This process as many important steps to it but perhaps the most vital of them all is estate accounting. This accounting is actually the very final step before the funds are released to the executor or administrator. If the accounting is done properly it releases the fiduciary from liability and the distribution will go smooth. To ensure this, a top quality attorney should be hired. Estate accounting in New York state or city have very often resulted in complicated affairs due to a lack of communication and understanding between the attorney and the beneficiaries. The key to avoid this is to plan your estate with a really qualified legal adviser from the get go.

Planning An Estate For Children in NYC:

Nothing is more gratifying than watching your children grow. The first years of their lives are the most adorable. Throughout this joyful period, one should start thinking about being a responsible parent & planning an estate. The future of your assets and their distribution depends very much on how good of an estate or probate lawyer you hire. When you find the right legal professional you will need to discuss topics like beneficiary designations, guardian appointments & life insurance. Thankfully, in our area of Queens & NYC there are many great elder law attorneys to choose from.

Questions To Ask Your Potential Probate Lawyer

The name of the game is “due diligence”. If your potential future lawyer can answer all your difficult questions then he may be ready for hiring. How do you know which questions to ask? Well, that’s what we’re here for. Here are the most critical probate questions to ask your lawyer before hiring them. Have you had any similar cases to mine (explain your case first) and what were the outcomes? Do you have any experience working with people at the surrogate court which I was assigned to? How long will the process take? Realize, that probate cases can be tedious and lengthy so try to get an honest answer on this last one. Finally, find out the costs and try to sniff around to see if the attorney has a team that will be able to provide you good customer service. After running this test, you’ll be on your way to hiring the perfect probate attorney for you.

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